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* Do you know what the ALIAS record is in DNS?

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There are two types of DNS records that can connect one domain name to another domain name – CNAME record and ALIAS record. The first can’t be used with other DNS records, not even with TXT records, while the ALIAS can. Also, the ALIAS can be used for subdomains and the root domain too.

Here you can see an ALIAS record example!

Differences between ALIAS and CNAME:

  • Not the same resolving process. ALIAS can return directly IP address.
  • ALIAS DNS record has broader functionality than the CNAME record.

ClouDNS and ALIAS records

The ALIAS record is a very useful type of DNS record that has more applications than the CNAME one. If you have ClouDNS paid DNS plan, you would be able to use them in various combinations with other DNS records. Only CNAME and Web Redirect can’t be used at the same time.

What is the difference between A record VS ALIAS record?